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While choosing a home inspector can be difficult, my San Antonio, TX, based company makes it simple. As a licensed home inspector, I will tell you the condition of the major components of your home. From your foundation to your roof and your plumbing to your A/C and heating units, I provide home inspections for every inch of your property. If you buy a new home with a one-year warranty, call me in the eleventh month to look for deficiencies that may be covered.

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Jeff Slusser, owner of I.C. IT Home Inspection

Generating a Great Marketing Tool

Having your home inspected prior to listing can prevent unforeseen problems down the road. A pre-listing inspection gives you ample time to correct deficiencies before the home is listed, rather than at the last minute. Having an inspection report prior to selling your home is a great marketing tool (a clean bill of health, so to speak).

I received my training at Champions School of Real Estate in San Antonio, TX. I am married and have two grown children that I am very proud of. My previous business is one of residential repainting and faux finishing. My career has given me an opportunity to become familiar with San Antonio and the surrounding areas. I have seen many problems and issues that homeowners encounter. This experience offers awareness of deficiencies a home can have. 

What Is a Home Inspection?

Going to a qualified home inspector before buying a house is imperative for your safety, financial stability, and peace of mind, but many people aren't aware of what a home inspection entails. Here, I'll go over the process of a thorough home inspection so you know what to expect on the big day.

Home inspection services cover every major area of a property. Home inspectors evaluate the structural integrity of the home as well as all major components, providing a detailed report to let potential sellers and buyers know what needs to be addressed. Our goal is to let you know which issues are the most pressing and how to go about fixing them while also including suggestions for minor repairs so you have a complete understanding of the property's condition. 

This process can take 2-3 hours because I want to make sure I properly evaluate the home, top to bottom. Below, you'll find a list of some of the areas I check and what I look for. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a general idea of the home inspection process.

  • HVAC System: How old is it? Has it been properly maintained? Are there any issues with performance?
  • Interior Plumbing: Does anything leak? Are their clogs? Does the sump pump work properly?
  • Electrical Systems: Is everything up to code? Is the wiring in good condition? Do appliances work properly and safely?
  • Roof/Attic: Are there any visible leaks or signs of water damage? How old is the roof? Is the attic properly ventilated? When will the roof need to be replaced?
  • Flooring: Is there mildew or mold? Are the floors damp in any areas? Is there any damage? Do floors sag in any places?
  • Windows/Doors: Do they fit properly? Are there drafts? Are they of good quality? Are they damaged or leaking air? Do any doors or windows stick? (This last one is a good sign of foundation issues.)
  • Foundation/Basement: Are there cracks in the foundation? Are there signs of water damage? Is there pooling water near a slab foundation or moisture in a crawlspace?

Once I've evaluated the property, I'll deliver the home inspection results and answer any questions you have, either as a buyer or a seller. I make myself available to my clients and am happy to provide explanations and recommendations for repairs.

Through my training and experience, I can provide you with a professional inspection that will exceed your needs. Call my office today to schedule your home inspection and with any questions or concerns you might have.